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Here you will find a full line of 100% Pure and Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, including 11 Exclusive Blends made for you right here at Kendal & Co. We also offer numerous other health products, like our line of All Natural Supplements packaged in 100% Kosher Capsules. And if you are ever in doubt as to how to use one of our products, just check our FAQ and Download pages for great how to and other information.

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Right now with the cold and flu season in full swing, you need to be diffusing Kendal & Co Natural Defense/Thieves Essential Oil, and using it to make homemade hand sanitizer too!

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If you would like to make a bulk purchase for your online store or location, please use our contact page and we would be happy to give you a bulk price quote! Many bulk prices start at 6 or more of the same item, essential oils bulk price begins at 8 of the same oil.

DON”T know where to START with Essential Oils?? Try the Kendal & Co Travel Kit!! Five of our most popular Essential Oils, conveniently packaged in 5 ml amber bottles, ready to throw in your purse or pocket!

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